Supports safety and reliable construction management at the site.
The situation surrounding the civil engineering and survey industry is reaching to revolutionary term, such as the demand for safety and reliable construction are increasing, and technology-oriented bidding system are enforcing.
To capture the flow of generation precisely, we have developed highly accurate survey system by combining the traditional survey management work with proprietary IT technology. We also support on-site safety and reliable construction management in civil engineering and building construction.
3D Monitoring System DAMSYS
3D Monitoring System Mobile DAMSYS
Automatic Bridge Girder Monitoring System 3D Bridge
Collision Prevention System 3D Barrier
Wireless Subsidence Sensor WiMos
Integrated Monitoring Cloud Service K-Cloud
Pile Navigation System PileNavi-P
Pile Navigation System PileNavi-V
Pile Navigation System PileNavi-S
Track Inspection Trolley Track Station 4